academic writing materials Precast concrete culverts and drainage pipes are one of the most versatile and cost effective pre-cast concrete products on the market today, meeting and exceeding the needs of a multitude of fast‑paced construction projects. Flexibility in design and ease of placement lead to cost savings across the board.

The uses for pre-cast concrete culverts are endless. They can be used for underpasses, service tunnels, subways, outfalls, bridges, stream culverts, material handling, utility storage, chimneys, vertical storage, watertight holding tanks and more.

Pre-cast concrete manufacturers offer a variety of standard box culverts as well custom designs. Additional features can be added by the producer to meet the exact needs of any project: toe walls, manhole openings, headwalls, wing walls, pipe openings, V‑bottoms, keyed‑ends, sloped‑faced ends and water tight joints. Optional exterior coatings can also be applied at the plant reducing onsite construction. http://247loan.ca/quick-loans-alberta Pre-cast concrete culverts source link and drainage pipes can be produced in any size limited only by transportation weight.

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bester binäre optionen broker Superior strength and durability

The strength of pre-cast concrete gradually increases over time. Other materials can deteriorate, experience greater creep and stress relaxation, lose strength and/or deflect over time. The load‑carrying capacity of pre-cast concrete is derived from its own structural qualities and does not rely on the strength or quality of the surrounding backfill materials.


source url Quality control

Because pre-cast concrete products are produced in a controlled environment, they exhibit high quality and uniformity. Factors affecting quality typically found on a job site temperature, improper curing, poor craftsmanship and material quality ‑ are nearly eliminated in a plant environment. Pre-cast concrete products produced in a quality‑controlled environment and installed with high‑quality sealants offer a superior solution to water tightness requirements. Standard watertight sealants are specially formulated to adhere to pre-cast concrete, making watertight multiple‑seam pre-cast concrete box culverts possible.

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Because pre-cast concrete culverts opzion24 and drainage pipes are manufactured well in advance of installation, they are ready for transportation to the job site at a moment’s notice. They are quickly installed in a matter of hours using a crane and a small crew. Backfilling can begin immediately rather than waiting several days or more for cast‑in‑place concrete to gain proper strength. Once backfilled, road construction can begin, greatly reducing the deviation of any associated lanes and congestion in the surrounding communities.

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Reduced weather dependency

Pre-cast concrete increases efficiency because weather will not delay the manufacturing process in the pre-cast plant. In addition, weather conditions at the job site do not significantly affect the schedule. Conversely, forming and placing of concrete for cast-in‑place applications can be delayed significantly due to poor weather conditions..


By incorporating pre-cast concrete culverts and drainage pipes into your next project you will be sure to finish under budget. Fewer skilled laborers and overall man‑hours will be required for the project, making pre-cast concrete box culverts ideal for meeting the needs of today’s fast‑paced construction projects.